Help to save your battery and the planet

Your battery is slowing

Your laptop battery is a consumable, its capacity degrades in time.

Replacing a MacBook battery costs up to USD 200 and sending away for up to 3 weeks.

Plus batteries are not nature's friends because of their highly toxic contents.

So we need to use the batteries we have a long as possible !

Your battery can do better

A Macbook has sophisticated electronics to manage its battery. But these can only do so much. Your behaviour makes the difference: charging and discharging with prudence literally goes a long way !

BatteryBee is a reseach project to learn how timely charging and discharing can extensively improve the life span of your battery.

Good for you and our planet :-)

We help you

Install our very small app on your Mac laptop.

Our app will regularly collect information about your battery and send it to our server. The more data we have the more we learn. The more we learn, the more we can help you extend the life of batteries. Saving your money and our planet.

Optionally you can add your email address, so we will keep you updated on the results !

Questions or suggestions


Install BatteryBee in a few easy steps

Step 1

Click to get the BatteryBee.dmg file.

Please note: The application currently only exists for MacOS.

Step 2

Double-click the downloaded BatteryBee.dmg file to open it.

Step 3

Drag the icon on the left to the Applications icon on the right.

Step 4

Double-click on the Applications icon and find the BatteryBee application in the list of installed applications.

Step 5

Right-click on the BatteryBee application icon and select Open to continue.

Step 6

OSX will now show a dialog that BatteryBee is from an unknown developer. Select Open to continue.

Step 7

After being successfully installed the app offers the option to enter your email address to keep you informed.

Thank you very much !

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